Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Beretta Tattoo and how shooting helps me focus........

My Beretta Tattoo .......I think it's a work of art and it comes with a story.

This tatoo represent my love of a very special sport and is a reminder of my shooting goals and aspirations.

In December 2008 I suffered 2 strokes and lost sight in my dominant eye. My sustaining ambition during my recovery was to be well enough to be able to shoot again. It was the driving force which brought me through some very dark times.

I first started shooting with a Beretta 686 E Black action as pictured below. When I first bought this gun I was unsure of the discipline I was going to shoot, so the gun was bought as it was an affordable 1st gun and a sensible weight for a lady shooter. The gun was bought as a sporter and after a while work was done to build up the comb to make the gun suitable for me to shoot Trap.  A jones adjuster was also added which made a big differnce to the fit of the gun. All work was carried out by my friend Tim Greenwood of Greenwood Gunsmiths, based in Pembury, Kent.

Having now settled into my chosen discipline of Trap shooting,  it was time to buy my next gun, which I have literally just done and I am now the very proud owner of a Beretta DT10, a very pretty gun indeed, but most importantly it ticks all the boxes for me at this stage and probably for some time to come.

Currently I represent Greater London Ladies as a Trap shooter and I aspire one day to shoot for my country

The central Panel of my tattoo was inspired by the engraving on a Beretta DT10 EELL, whilst the 2 side panels are from the foreend release from a Beretta Jubilee.

Coming from an engineering background I can appreciate the hours of work and craftsmanship that goes into the engraving of a gun of this calibre and appreciate the beauty of the finished article.

Incorporating the Beretta logo and name into the tattoo design was important to me, even if some people thought I was a little mad for doing so. But at the end of the day the Beretta engravers designs were the inspiration for the piece and it would have been impossible to have separated them.

Shooting has without doubt become my passion, it helps me focus, it's a release and it is extremely satisfying.

I would like to encourage more women to shoot and will continue to be an ambassador for this tremendous sport.

The actual tattoo was done by Steve of Skin illustrations of Maidstone, Kent.

Below is an extract from GMK Magazine from 2010 2011 season - Beretta Body Engraving.